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[Closed] Only seeing the names of three people who liked

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Posts which are liked show the name of who liked them. But after the first 3 names, it just lists "And [...] people" liked.

I don't mind that it doesn't clutter up the screen, but when you hover over there is no further dialogue or option to see the other names. You can only see the 3 most recent likes - the other names are just lost.

Am I missing a setting or something? Or is there no way to see, on a post with 10 likes, all the people who liked it?

If so, suggestion: Hovering/clicking the "and [...]" people give an alt-text dialogue where the others are listed.Β 


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HiΒ @tgw,

Thank you for this suggestion. We'll take it into consideration for future releases.Β 

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Just want to agree and say that the people who frequent my forum are a community. Β They want to know who all the likes are. Β I love wpforo, and would love to see this added feature - that we can hover over the number of likes and see who they are.Β