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Presale Question: Possible to upgrade license?

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Greetings! I am considering using your plugin for a couple of websites. We'll be building one site soon, and the second site somewhat down the road. The second site would have a different purpose and audience from the first, and so it would use a different selection of addons; but our plans for that site aren't quite clear yet.

In order to purchase economically, would I need to purchase a three-site license now? Or is it possible to purchase a single-site license now, and pay the difference to upgrade to a three-site license later?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


EDIT: I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this. The contact page says:

On all our product pages you can find [Pre Sale Questions] Tab. Please use that for any questions related to the product you want to purchase.

... but I wasn't able to find such a tab.

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Hi @dominion,

Go by this link and create a new topic in wpForo Official Addons Forum if your question is not about a concrete addon:

For Pre Sale` go by the below link, open the needed addon page, select Pre Sale Questions Tab: