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[Closed] Seo important suggest : forum meta data (rich snippet)

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wpForo has almost all components for a good SEO:

  • SEO Permalinks
  • Forum SEO Title, Description, Headers and Links
  • Topic SEO Title, Description, Headers and Links
  • Post Specific Links
  • Open Graph Meta Tags for Facebook and Twitter
  • Sitemap is currently under development...


Please specify what else you mean saying "SEO improvement"?

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Posted by: pierreto


For sure, many thing are important for SEO,

But page optimized for seo is better page not optimized for seo.

I'm sorry if you don't like working on seo on your website and prefere sleep and dream,

Before the same forum are not on first place on many request, and they sleep many year but few month ago, they wake up, stop to dream and make optimized page for seo and certainly other think, but now they are on first page.

Like me, my invisible recipe come to first page after i use rich snippet.

I don't know why you won't improve seo on WPForo, but i think other user want it.

I wich you a good dream 😉



Well i would suggest to spend some time reading here:

As for the rest, apparently you don't know how SEO works. Wordpress and wpForo are ok for basic SEO and nothing else is needed. If a snipnet could bring you to the first page, then what can i say but ... congrats.


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Hi Robert

It's about new microdata


HTML 5 Microdata embedded in breadcrumb.

like they speak about here (Anonymous20 don't read that you'll not understand!)

You can see many user happy with Xenforum because they improve seo...

And i think all user here want WPForo seo on top,

just one user won't (but perhap's he work for Simplepress forum... 😉 )

Hi Anonymous20,

Your like a coach of the best runneur of the world who say "shoe it's not important for win olympic game, just training"

and you give just sandal for your runneur and he lose game but you think it's because he don't training enough...

I don't want to say anything more, I know you'll be stuck in your ideas, dream, it's not a problem for me.


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Thank you pierreto,

Sure we know microdata very well. This is the next after sitemap we've planned to add.

And there may be more SEO tricks. But the main SEO functions which do 90% of your forum SEO is the list I've mentioned above, so it should already have a good chance to bring forum content in search results in first pages. And yes, we don't stop improving wpForo, this is something which doesn't have limits...

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