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[Closed] Suggestion for wpForo - CHECK the presence of Caching

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Most of the people asking for help here, seems to have some kind of Caching Plugin enabled site-wide. They may have major issues (that are NOT aware, because most don't know where to look) or have "freshness" issues (their forums serve old content).

So it would be nice to check somehow in your Tools or even better during installation/activation, the presence of Caching. Probably you can't cover this 100% but in a big degree to can. The cache file php is in oc-content. Or check the "cache=true" in config of WP. Or other more deep ways to do it, that you devs know.

It is a pitty to see SO MANY wpForo installations running with caching plugins (or server caching) that may cause issues and display problems.

If this check is not possible, you could just WARNING to them that caching AND optimisers (untuned) could lead to issues and problems.

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Hi @dimalifragis,

Thank you for the suggestion. This is already in the v2.0 to-do list.