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[Closed] Suggestion: separate Forum Statistics and Legend

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I'd like to suggest that, in future versions, you consider separating two sections of wpForo main page which today are combined: Forum Statistics and Forum Legend.


Today if an admin does not want to show statistics but wants to show the legend that explains what each Forum/Topic icon means (Not Replied, Active, Hot, etc.) they cannot do that: when you disable "Show Forum Statistic" the legend also is gone.


In my view these should be two separate items (in fact, there should probably be no reason why the legend is not kept permanently on, but that's a development decision).


I attach the screenshot of the two sections to exemplify.



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Hi @fawp,

Please use the following CSS code to hide the section mentioned by you in the above screenshot:

#wpforo #wpforo-wrap #wpforo-stat-body .wpf-last-info p.wpf-stat-other, #wpforo #wpforo-wrap #wpforo-stat-body .wpf-stat-data {
display: none;

The code should be added in the Dashboard >Forums > Setting >Styles admin page "custom CSS Code" textarea.

Please don't forget to delete all caches and press CTRL+F5(twice) on the frontend before checking.

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great, thank you very much @alvina !