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[Closed] Terms of service, privacy policy etc. in registration form

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I’m creating a community forum that allows my users to write instructions on how to do things.

Since I cannot verify all instructon to be proper, what type of disclosure do I need in my registration form?

I want to make sure that I won’t be liable for anything posted that is illegal, as well as the proper advisement against such posts.

Since ny site comprises mostly of user content, what type of content consent do I need in my registration form for keeping their content on my site?

alas, do I need GDPR?

In conclusion, I want to know what advisement, consent, disclosure, terms of service, privacy policy, privacy statement I need. 


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Hi @theo,

I suggest you read the documentation for wpForo Privacy and GDPR.

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Thanks Sofy, is there something else in regards to users posting things that they should not be posting, and I’m not sure if GDPR applies to me (what’s the jurisdiction?)

I suppose my real question is, are there any other resources which addresss catch-all waivers, as well as specific waivers.

Again, my site is for people to post instructions.

I do not want to be held liable for my site/forum containing illegal material, as well as my users using that improper instructon and hurting themselves or any other type of damages.

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Hi theo,

Please find the Privacy Policy Template in Dashboard > Forums > Tools admin page, we've already mentioned many points in that template, it contains forum specific aspects. We cannot consult you in this question but the Privacy Policy Template can be a good matrix for making your own Privacy Policy.

Here is the wpForo example:

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The box in 'Settings' - 'Privacy & Forum Rules' that should contain the 'Forum Privacy Policy with GDPR compliant Template' is blank, and the link above goes to an empty page.

I've found it elewhere for my forum, but I thought I should point it out.

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Check this Doc: