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[Closed] Topic Prefix widget and Allowed Usergroups

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Hi guys,

Thank you for the Topic Prefix add-on. Works very well for structuring the forum. I have a question to improve our use case.

We use the Topic Prefix widget, and have some Prefixes restricted to be used by specific Usergroupes.
The by usergroupe restricted prefixes are not visible in the widget for other usergroupes. But they are visible in the topics titles. In attached screenshot forexample, the prefix F.A.Q. is limited to be used only by admin, shop managers and moderators. This is beceause w ewant to decide ourselfe if a topic is wurth to be added to the F.A.Q. list. But we do would like it to be seen by all forum visitors. Not only in the topic title but in the topic prefix widget as well.

Is this a bug or is it possible for you to add an option to the Topic Prefix widget to show all prefixes to all users regargless of the usergroups?



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Hi @copilot,

Thank you for the information, this is actually a bug, we will solve it and release a new update.

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Hi @chris,

Thank you for taking care. Cheers!