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[Closed] Users not automatically be redirected to last page in a forum

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We have been using Wpforo for almost a year now (around 550 users) after successfully migrating off SMF Forums into Wordpress/Wpforo.

The main #1 issue reported from users on our forums is they aren't automatically redirected to the last page in a forum. Some of the forums are hundreds of pages long so obviously really annoying to have to navigate manually to the last page. 

Now this works fine for me and I can't seem to recreate it but its reported from enough people to be an issue.

Could I get some advice on how to troubleshoot this issue and understand what's most likely to affect this operation?

Any help would be great!




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Hi @markahunt

Check these settings > Action Logging & Views

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@tutrix thanks yes checked that is enabled - and it works for some users just not all....

Topic Links - Jump to First Unread Post is set to yes.

My thoughts were its either JavaScript or cookie/security related to individual browser settings (maybe?) but just looking for a little more detail how it works under the hood.


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It doesn't work if a user is not logged-in. This feature only work for authorized users so wpForo could determine  the user and find his/her last read post. I think users who report this issue were not logged-in and were browsing the forum as guest.

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@robert Ok thanks, our Forums are all private so you have to be logged in to access them?

So they are always logged in.