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[Solved] view counter not registering?

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Is there a bug in the newer versions that causes the post view counter to not register? I can see viewers looking at posts and even have friends who visit yet for some reason the past month or so they always just say zero views.

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Hi @tyler79,

There is no bug.

The page view number is not updated live-time. It's cached for increasing the performance, it's updated once a new like, up vote, topic or post is added or with other actions.

And please note, that the wpForo topic page views counting is based on Unique IPs, so if the same suer go to the same topic the number of views is not increased. It should the number of unique visits. This is why you see 22 not 100.

Even more, wpForo has built-in topic viewing logs so it also checks the logs, if a user have already visited this topic the new visit will not be counted. So even if you change your IP address the count will not be increased if the topic visit log exists for you.

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@robert okay, just curious why it says someone is viewing the post but it never goes over zero. I understand not counting duplicate views but it doesn't seem to be counting any. 


Update. Read about my WordPress updates that became available and did all the wpforo cache refreshes and sick again and now they all showed! Thanks for the reply. Can mark solved.