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[Closed] wpForo and Wordpress in general works to slow

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Hello guys. I have a problem. One week ago I mentioned that WordPress including wpForo plugin works so slow that I can't work properly. I've tried a lot of different methods. Reinstallation, cache cleaning, checked the internet speed, used different browsers, wrote to hosting support, and a lot of other things. Can the problem occur with my PC? maybe I need to install some software. I have not used such tools before but have read the review of different pc utilities at ThinkMobiles and wonder if they can help me. 


What can you suggest? 

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Hi @alfredharp,

Please check your site health.

1. Go to Dashboard > Tools > Site Health admin page and make sure you don't have critical issues and loop beak problem like this:

2. Go to Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Errors & Issues and check those.

3. Use phpMyAdmin plugin or use your Hosting Service cPanel > phpMyAdmin database manager and check your tables, make sure all tables are InnoDB. More information in this FAQ topic: