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[Closed] wpForo and wpDiscuz

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I'm looking for add the functionality to mention users in a comment in my wpForo, like the Facebook and Instagram do.

I found very usefull wpDicuz, ubt how Im not sure is how it works.

Must I install wpDiscuz and wpForo at the same time or just wpDiscuz?

wpDiscuz could works in my wpForo comments and and the other comments in the site. I mean if the user would be mencion other users in those comments fields, and which will be the actions? send emails to the users that were mention in th comments or receive a notification when the user login? what will wpDiscuz do?


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read this Topic

User tagging in forum topics

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wpDiscuz send email notification when you mention a user in comments, wpForo will send email notification when you mention a user in forum topics and posts. They don't have any relation to connection to each other.