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Hi, Can somebody help, why the Forum is not showing when the user is logged in

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Hi @donalisa-santos,

This is a permission configuration issue.

First go to wpForo > Usergroups admin page and check the default group. Make sure your users have for example Registered usergroup (the number of users should indicate it)

Then go to wpForo > Forums admin page, edit all forums and make sure the Registered usergroup is attached to Standard Access in the right "Forum Permissions" admin section.


If all is ok, then follow these steps:

1. Please edit a standard user (who doesn't see forums) in Dashboard > Users admin page, check the user role, then scroll down and check the wpForo Usergroups. Take a screenshot and leave it here.

2. Then edit the parent category and a forum under that category and take a screenshot of both permission settings (Usergroup <> Forum Access list)

3. Go to wpFro > Usergroups and take a screenshot of Usergroups and the synchronized table with user roles under the usergroups list, then leave them here.