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[Solved] Can't send confirmation email

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I encountered another issue recently. I was able to subscribe to new topics on my first discussion board without any problems. However, when I try to do the same for other discussion boards by clicking the "Subscribe to new topics" button, I encounter the error:

"Can't send confirmation email."

Does anyone have any ideas why I'm receiving this error message?

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Hi @vlad-kazandzhi,

It says the email sending function has not worked. wpForo doesn't have email sending functions, it uses the WordPress one. So this issue is either the email address issue or a problem with your WordPress/Hosting email service. If you have not configured the SMTP, please do that. Use some SMTP plugin to enable it. The SMTP plugins will let you check the email logs as well.

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@robert Thanks. I wonder how it works before when I had one board. I set up SMTP and now "Subscribe to new topics" works!