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[Closed] No RSS and Social Share settings in Forum Settings

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I've installed wpForo and don't see the Forum Feed / RSS section under settings - it doesn't exist on this installation. I'm also missing the Social Share settings too.

Earlier I installed it on a clone of my site in a Local environment and they are there.

How do I go about troubleshooting the problem? I'm happy to delete everything and start again if that's needed. 

I'm running version 6.0.1 of WordPress and wpForo 2.0.5. 

The website is hosted on Cloudways.

Many thanks. 

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Both options are available, use Find an Option in Settings.

Also check Boards (edit) if those modules are accidentally  disabled.

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@dimalifragis Thank you! 🍺

Not knowingly that's exactly what I've done. 

and I thought I was going mad trying to figure out how they could have gone missing. 

Thanks again! 

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You can enable/disable wpForo modules in wpForo Board editing screen, then find them in wpForo Settings admin page: