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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Polls addon deactivated

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Hi, i just received an error message as "wpForo Polls Addon is Deactivated! Your addon version is not compatible with the current version of wpForo. Please update the addon or downgrade the wpForo to 1.7.7"


please advise?



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Hi @themag,

As the message says, you cannot use old (1.0.5 and earlier versions) versions of wpForo Polls with wpForo 1.8.x versions. Please update wpForo to 1.8.1 or higher and then update wpForo Polls addon to 1.0.6 or higher versions.

Make sure the addon license is not expired. You should see Update information in Dashboard > Plugins admin page, if you don't see any, please navigate to Dashboard > Updates admin page and click [check updates] button, then go back to the plugins page and update it.

If you still don't see the update then you can login to your gVectors Account page and download the latest version of wpForo Polls: https://gvectors.com/my-account/

Then go to Dashboard > Plugins, deactivate and delete the old wpForo Polls addon, then upload and install the new version zip file.