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[Closed] Possible Bug: Deselected "Can create topic" in "Accesses" Still Allows Create Topic in "Forum Selector"

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I have a "Membership News" forum I created just for admins to post recent news for members to read in the forum area. However, I want forum members to be able to add replies to these "membership news" posts to share their opinions on what's being shared with them.

So, I created a whole new "forum access" and deselected every selection I found find that seems to allow a forum user from creating or modifying a topic. (see attached file) Then assigned that new access to my Membership News forum for users.

It mostly works!

Now when a forum user with this new permission assigned to their Wordpress Role goes to this "Membership News" forum, the "Add Topic" button is no longer visible (accessible). So, they can't create a topic from this page.

However, I noticed a possible bug. If this same user goes to the main forum page, and clicks "Add Topic", and the selector of forums opens up and comes down asking them to pick which forum they want to create a topic in, they still are able to select "Membership News" from the list and it, unfortunately, opens up the form for them to create a new topic in this forum (they aren't supposed to be able to create a topic in).

Is this a bug? Or maybe I missed something to check off somewhere?


(Sorry, my forum requires a login, otherwise, I would post the url here)

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Ah, I think maybe I understand what's going on here.

So, I changed the "forum access" for JUST the individual forum ("Membership News"), but now I see what I referred to (in above post) as the "main forum page" for the forum is actually the parent of the forum, or what I chose to be the "category" forum (checked next to "Use as category").

I now see that this category forum ALSO has its own set of "Forum Permissions." But, if I set this category page to use new "forum access" for user roles (that doesn't allow for topic creation by my users), then it completely removes the "Add Topic" button ... so a user can't even access the "Add Topic" (Forum Chooser) button.

This isn't good for me. I'm not sure all of my users will know they would then need to first, pick a forum from the list and click on it, and then second, click the "Add Topic" button. So, I really need to keep the permission set the way it was, and allow users to access that "Add Topic" button on the main forum category page.

So, maybe you all don't see this as a bug — maybe it's just the way you wrote your selector to pick a forum on the main category page.

Hmmm. I wish the forum selector that comes up after they choose "Add Topic" on the main category forum page was written so it wouldn't show forums in the list that a user didn't have forum access to create a topic in (based on forum permissions). This would be a nice suggestion if you all could ever make it work this way.

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You always can move the forum in another Category.