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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] removing user roles with native wordpress USER settings does not synch to WPForo USER settings

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I was adding a role and it worked but when I removed the role it did not synch ... There is a fix I found but you have to do it manually: Go to usergroups --> SYNCHRONIZE... then you have to go to Dashboard and --> SYNCH USER PROFILES

It seems that when you ADD a user role it synchs automatically and you do not need to press all the synch buttons..but when REMOVING a role, its not automatic

If I can make a suggstion: add a mass edit/ add/ remove role column in the "members" settings. That way you can just edit multiple roles like you can in the native wordpress...currently I can only mass edit roles in the native WP users setting and then have to synch


Not a huge deal but if people are mass changing roles constantly it will be cumbersome


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Hi @jck411,

Thank you for the suggestion. We'll add this in our to-do list. I'll update this to once we started to work on this feature.