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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Added a new user group with special permissions but it doesn't show up in member page

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I love wpforo and appreciate all you do for us. 

I added a new user group called "organizer" for a subscriber who is going to go through my forums and close old topics, move topics to more appropriate locations, and add tags so we can get more organized. I don't want her to have full permission so can't give her admin title.  So I created new user group but with permission to close, open, and move a topic.  But when I went into members to give this person the new access, the new user group was not there.  What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

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Thank you  jeanne,

Have you tried to assign new usergroup on user's Account page? 


Is the usergroup visible on Usergroup list?

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 I went into members to give

Please let me know what do you mean saying "members". How you go two members and where is that members page?

In case you mean the forum front-end members menu, you should make sure the "Display on Members List" option in Edit Usergroup screen is enabled.