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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Adding membership to wpforo

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I have Simple WordPress Membership set up with WP Foro and wanted to see if there were any known compatibility issues with them OR if there is another membership plugin that works with WP Foro. (Where you can display content to logged in paying members only.)

Thanks for your feedback!


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I also have Simple WordPress Membership and WPforo  want to make sure that I can use single signon for both. how is integration working

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The membership plugins is the most non-supported side of wpForo. These are the only plugins which have no chance to be integrated yet. We're planning to merge forum usergroup and WordPress roles in future release. This will allow all Membership plugins to control wpForo content based on user Roles. Now it's not possible. You only can control the whole forum page, but not the forums and topics separately.

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When you say "You only can control the whole forum page, but not the forums and topics separately" do you mean that it is possible to have a paid membership plugin that will only allow access to the forums for paid members?

I'm not worried about allowing access to different forums based on membership. I only want to have paid members in the forum and everyone else no access.

I don't want to have to be manually changing user types or roles in the back end. Users should just pay for membership and then they can access the forums.

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@samhunter Ultimate Member has a content locking feature. You might want to check to see if it meets your requirements.

My wpForo setup uses ultimate member and everything works as expected. 

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I'm part way through testing with simple wordpress membership and it locks the contents and when users register through it their user account gets the appropriate wp-foro group. The only thing is that there is the pages for registering and paying for access through simple wordpress membership, and then there are the usual pages for user profile in the forums. I guess the way to deal with that will be to name or "brand" them so it feels to the user like one product experience even if they are two separate things.

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