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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Advanced attachements and embeds plugins not working anymore

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I have a issue with these plugins currently.
Both are well up to date, but I'm not able to attach files/images in the forum.

When I add a image it show 'attached successfuly' but nothing appear.
I deactivated the plugins and then I'm able to attach files, and when I reactivate the plugins the images show up again.
But not able to use it as it should work.

I have try to rollback to from wordpress 5.9.3 to 5.8.4, but the problem is still here.

Can you help me please?


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Hi @damdel,

I'm sorry but we provide here only wpForo plugin support not the addons, for the addons support please create a new topic at gVectors wpForo Addons Support Forum.