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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] New private group default to usergroup members only

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I am creating a lot of private forums on my website. Before creating the forum, I create a new usergroup strictly for that forum, then match up the two. That function is easy and works well.

However, when I create the forum, I have to manually set permissions for all the other usergroups for the entire site to No Access. By default, everyone on the site other than guests receive access. Since my site doesn't allow guests (it's a member-only site), the initial .

Is there some way that I can use the Category settings or some other way to default all other usergroups to No Access?

I anticipate the number of usergroups and private forums to grow considerably in the next year, so would like to know how to keep everyone out of the private forums, especially since it's currently easy to make a mistake and leave open access to non-usergroup members.

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Hi @brianwent,

wpForo by default doesn't have that kind of option, but we have written a code to set all the permissions for the usergroups to no access.

First go to Dashboard > Forums > Forums, edit the needed forum or create a new forum, then open the console, insert the below code in the console and press Enter.

[...document.querySelectorAll('#forum_permissions select')].forEach( select => select.value = 'no_access');
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Perfect solution. Thanks!