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[Closed] All forums displayed although restricted by Memberpress integration

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I've created my forums and bought the memberpress integration.

When I try to access the forums logged out, I don't get access, which is perfect. 

I'm using the memberpress registration page for a certain free membership.

They register, then there has to be a manual check of their profile before we manually assign them a second membership, which unlocks a specific forum. That's all set in the backend looking ok-ish.

But when I assign them the second membership that should give them access, nothing happens.

Only when I go to Dashboard -> Users and set the Forum Secondary Usergroup to Registered, my testuser can see the forums. But unfortunately all of them.

What am I missing?


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Hi @maria-umaps,

The Membership integration addon works based on Membership Plans not on Secondary Usergroups. You should edit each forum and configure Membership Plan <> Forum Accesses. For further support please open a new topic in gVecotrs Support forum, this forum is only for the wpForo plugin support. 

Also, please read the addon description here: