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Style [Solved] Antispam Tab

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I am setting up wpForo on my website for the first time. It is not yet functional. I use CleanTalk and generally don't have issues with spam on my site any longer (though I did without it!) Still, including a forum on the site will invite bots and I'd be happy to include another level of protection. I've been reading the documentation on how to limit bot registration and keep seeing that I will supposedly find the Captcha option here:

Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Antispam Tab.

But my dashboard is not organized this way. I've got no "Forums" tab. I do have Tools...which is unrelated to the forum and, in any case, doesn't have an anti-spam TAB.

I also have this option: Dashboard>wpForo> from which I can go to >Forums or >Tools , but again, no anti-spam tab. My Tools page is shown on the attached screenshot.

Help, anyone?

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Posted by: @andrewl

Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Antispam Tab.

This has been moved to Dashboard > wpForo > Settings > Spam Protection:


The reCAPTCHA settings are located in Dashboard > wpForo > Settings > Google reCAPTCHA:


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>> wpForo v2 Documentation << 😉

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Thank you!