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[Solved] Can't Login or Register

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I can offer some help. You seem to use TWO security plugins, Wordfence and Defender Security and that is a NO GO. You can't have two security plugins, it is an open invitation for trouble.

Also there are some wpForo Database isssues, the support will help you more on this.

Was that site working 100% well? OR you discovered the issues AFTER debug enabled? I guess the issues were there and you didn't know.

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Thanks for your concern!

I have Wordfence installed, but it's not activated. I've been 'test driving' Defender for a week or so before I decided which plugin to go with.

I've just paid for a year of Defender, so once I'm happy with how everything is running, I'll delete Wordfence and all its files, etc.
I'm just keeping it as a fallback for now, in case of an emergency!

You're right about the wpForo issues. Everything was working fine until Defender picked up a security issue with the plugin on its last scan.

I've updated wpForo and I've now got my login/register page back, but there seems to be a problem with the user roles I added a week or so ago.

I'm pretty sure I'll be back here asking for help by the end of the weekend!

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Hi @jasper,

Please update to 2.2.5 version. The issues should be fixed in the new release.

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Plugin updated and fixed.

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