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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Can't send confirmation email from topics when suscribe for new topic

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When a user click on "Subscribe for new topic" a warning message appears à the top right "Can't send confirmation email" and no message is sent

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Hi @gilbau,

Your website's wp_mail() is not working, also the SMTP in your hosting is configured wrong,

please contact your hosting support.

Also, read this article, it can help you fix your problem:

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Thanks for your answer, but i think my smtp wp is working well, I use mainly sendgrid smtp and I can send hundreds of newsletters with a plugin and there is no problem for registration user. They receive all email from wpforo and wp

except the issue mentionned above

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wpForo uses WordPress wp_mail() function. wpForo doesn't have own email sending functions. So if the emails are not sent then something is wrong with your WordPress and hosting email configuration. The newslater plugin may use custom email sending functions, but the default email sending functions don't work in your WordPress.