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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] CAPTCHA V3 Not Working

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We were wanting to install V3 CAPTCHA on the registration page on our forum to try and stem the flow of bots and malicious users we have had recently. I went to our CAPTCHA dashboard on google and registered our site with v3 with the correct domain name and other info. After I plugged the keys in and updated, the CAPTCHA abruptly stopped working and generated an invalid key error, even though the keys were correct. I then went and pasted the old keys for v2, and it still did not work despite recently functioning with those same keys. 

Any advice would be appreciated here. 

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Please don't put v3 API keys to wpForo reCAPTCHA, it must be v2 I'm Not Robot API keys.

Please note that v2 I'm not Robot version is equal to v3, v2 even more secure than the v3.

In addition, we recommend the plugins mentioned in this topic: