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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] completely wipe wpforo mods - please help!

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We had a distasteful instance of zoom-bombing in two of our meetings. The links to the meetings were posted on our forum.  Just as people were getting used to signing in to the forum, and using it, the whole thing was summarily decreed dangerous and ordered to be removed. As the one who had installed the forum, I had to remove all traces of it.

I had used the wpforo interface to the standard wordpress login/member arrangement. I had thought it was all deleted by removing the forum plugin.  However, yesterday I made a simple change to my own password to the site, and Wordpress dutifully sent the adminstrators (including me) information that I had done so.  Unfortunately, it mentioned "forum" in the email. How do I get rid of that? 

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We don't follow you well. Please try to explain in other words.