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[Solved] Custom Authorization URL no longer working in version 2

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Hello again

Trying all the combinations found on this support Forum in order to get wpForo to send the "Lost Password" link but no luck.

On my settings, wpForo Forum is responsible to direct to "Log in" and "Lost Password" forms.

However, the lost password mail returns no link.

When I switch to WP Standard Forms it works:

Please also note that: or "forgot- password" links are returning 404 page

and link is directed to the main page.


It seems I am having a problem with the wpForo Permalinks but I can't figure it out. 

Thanks for the help.


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İt is solved.

Here is the key: 

In case you use a multi-board system (you have multiple forum pages), you’ll find the Login & Registration in the top wpForo menu section:

I was trying to set up my 4 forum pages from the Dashboard -> wpForo with no success.

All works fine again. 



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