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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Display WP Username by default?

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I know anyone can change their display name at any time in their Account.

However I have migrated over from BBPress (SO glad I did!)- and when I was using that, it basically displayed the members' WP Usernames. They were happy with this- as I made it clear at Registration, that their Usernames would be the ones shown on the Forums.

It would be great if U could have WPForo display the member's WPusername "by default"- but still allow them to change away from this if they so wished.

Is this possible?

Many thanks

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Only 1% of WP users have enough skills to understand that usernames are not secure, so we can't do this and put it as default. 99% wpForo forums will become insecure if we do this. The correct way is displaying the Display Names. If some user wants to see his username , he can change Display Name with his username, this option is available in My Profile > Account page.

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I would like to have the option to show users with their usernames.

I understand all those you say about the risks but most forums are for games , company etc.

Security is not important, is not the bank account or a server.

I think the best is up to the Admin to decide.

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I would also like to have the option to use the usernames by default. I use social login on my site and my members want consistency with their usernames. 

I understand the security issues as well but it's an inconvenience for my members.

Is there a function we can include to do this?

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I want it too, but they dont even replied to me 2 months now, so dont have hopes.

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