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wpForo 1.x.x Double Posting Moderation/Prevention

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Hello there,

We have experienced an issue in our site where sometimes due to extremely high load on the server it can become a little slow and we get a lot of double posts from users who just keep hitting the "Add Topic/Submit" button.

Also sometimes users just like to cross-post the exact same thing over different areas of the forum. I believe just like other mainstream forums out there WPForo should have some type of defense against this. ie: prevent post if it's the exact same thing that was previously posted etc.

I have been looking in the configuration and I don't see an option to prevent this. We use both WPForo and WPDiscuz. I have also checked the provided Addons for both WPForo and WPDiscuz but none appear to have any tool that would help us with the problem we are facing either.

Any help would be appreciated.


Is there any tool that can help us mitigate this problem?

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Hi RealAct,

Please read this support topic: