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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Email confirmation.

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wpForo Registration form doesn't work well with "Better WordPress reCAPTCHA". It's only tested with FS reCAPTCHA:

Please install FS reCAPTCHA and configure it for wpForo Registration form.

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OK. Will do.

I just went through the forum registration routine to see what happens. It tells me I will get an email to confirm membership and set a new password. As soon as I've submitted a username and email address, I get notification of the new member as admin, and I receive a password reset option link. Once I set the password I get notification of that as admin. (BTW if I follow the login link after resetting the password, I'm taken to the default /wp-login.php page NOT the forum login, which is s bit disturbing.)

So regardless of the email confirmation process, I'm getting all these new members. They're logged in the database as members BEFORE they complete the signup process and remain there even if they never do. Is there any way to prevent this happening? Or to automatically parse and delete them from the database if they don't set their passwords within a certain time? Obviously a working reCAPTCHA will filter out bot signups. But it won't filter out humans.

I guess I will soon see just how many of these bogus members are bots and how many are humans with the reCAPTCHA working. Thanks for your help thus far.

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