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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Entire Forum No Longer Showing

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The forum stopped displaying after installing a plugin to display an author box after posts. Removing the plugin did not fix it though.

  • It worked with the current theme before the Author Box plugin was installed.
  • It stopped working when that plugin was installed.
  • Uninstalling that plugin failed to restore the forum. 


So it appears that the plugin changed something, but I cannot figure out what it changed. What could it have possibly have changed to make the forum disappear?

I've checked and done the following and can't figure out why it is no longer showing.

  1. I verified that the shortcode is on the /community page.
  2. I verified that the Forum Page ID displayed on Forums > Settings > General is correct.
  3. Deactivated and reactivated the WoForo plugin.
  4. Checked all of the settings and resaved every settings page.
  5. Deactivated or uninstalled other plugins.
  6. Cleared the woForo caches.
  7. Cleared the WordPress cache.
  8. Tested on more than one device.
  9. Tested whether logged in or not.


The forum appears to work on other themes and it used to work on this theme prior to installing and uninstalling that plugin. What would have changed? How do I get to work again?

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Okay, good news. It was not the Ultimate Author Box Lite plugin (although that had its own issues so I uninstalled it).

It actually was a conflict with another plugin called "Easy Table of Contents" which creates a widget that shows a table of contents based on the current post.

If the widget is visible on the forums page, the forum disappears. You can still use the widget on other pages, just not the forum page. So all you have to do is change the visibility or otherwise make sure the widget does not appear on the same page.

Hope that helps if anyone else has the same problem.