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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Error: Cant send report email

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As you can see in this screenshot, when you submit the report post form this error comes.
Email also not going.

We are using Sengrid.

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Hi @nalin_duminda,

Please follow this support topic:

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Before I write to you'll I checked this. Installing this plugin doesn't help as

It creates conflict with Sendgrid.

If I send the logins to the site can you all check?

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This issue doesn't have direct relation to wpForo. The email sending functions are located in WordPress and in your hosting server. wpForo only asks those functions to send some email, that's why there is no way to fix this from wpForo side.

1. wpForo can help you see whether the PHP mail() function is available. Navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Debug > Errors & Issues tab and check errors.

2. Disable all other plugins temporarily and test it again. If the issue is fixed, activate them back one by one and test after each plugin activation, so you can find the problem maker.

3. Also, make sure you've set valid email for "FROM Email Address" and "Forum Admins email addresses" options in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Email Tab.