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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Facebook Link Previews and URL Links Do Not Appear

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I'm using the latest version of wp-Foro, along with the AddOns Embeds and Advanced Attachments.

Whenever we try to post a link to a Facebook post, the URL does not appear within the forum post at all, nor does a preview of the post appear. 

If I refresh the page, I can briefly see a glimpse of the Facebook URL, but once the page loads, there is no link there - just empty space in the post. 

When we post a link to a Twitter post, a preview of that tweet appears without a problem.

I'm not sure if this "bug" is a result of one of the AddOns, or if it is a bug with the new version of wp-Foro. 

This is happening in both forums I maintain (each on a completely different website). 

Any ideas how to resolve this problem?


Just as a test here, here is a link to a Facebook post - [0]=68.ARCQeyXbrZFh5PDpX2CaZV_zoSWKcmg4Aj443HmeyiyuN-BwIGWSXKbgVSrSp2RK4AUZTJmnWeZy6bHYJZBcgX3uT2xAbEuj9esMBYtQ2qbIUXjQZcSDVgdnPIsv7_-KundPyLhLfeJ-QGGt0v7RQQXjQnfg0DQLCVuWBeo8YysQNfBWFIB3b4-rwqPBI96lHjwa9eNHmRG9_OswsG36pp8CPemomM8FJXgNUHMF3CFIzS0ub8sld31UVXDXpcQRoP0gQt3IOuRp9Db3FDrp1YWaiN0TdFCDlWY1luBnNz7f0LXlZ14M7dQa7hlMT77CXYvaYzUtH6YJNCprmebtlCw&__tn__=-R

Here is a link to a Twitter post -

EDIT TO NOTE: After posting this, I see that the URL to the Facebook post appears here in this forum (no preview, but at least the URL appears). In the forums I maintain, I post the URL exactly as posted here, and once the forum post is posted, that URL link is NOT there - it just disappears. The Twitter URL turns into a visual preview. I've attached a screenshot to show you what the post looks like. 

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The Facebook URL is not for embedding or sharing. As you can see it's very big and contains tons of unnecessary data for embedding. You should find some share button on that post and get correct share URL. This is not FB share URL, just don't use it.