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wpForo 1.x.x Most forum posts are now going to moderation for no apparent reason

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I'm running the latest version of wp-Foro - I upgraded the day the newest version became available. 

Everything has been working just fine, until this afternoon.

For some reason, all posts by forum members (except for my posts) are now going to moderation to be approved. Earlier this morning, those posts were just being posted - no moderation needed.

I've done nothing to the website to cause any changes to the way I have things set up. 

I have always had the user group set for "Can pass moderation", and I've also always had the Tools > Antispam tab, set for 0's in the New Registered User area, and the option for "Posts must be manually approved" set to NO. 

Again, I've changed NOTHING, yet all of a sudden I am having to manually approve posts from our forum members (members who've not had their posts before be moderated). 

Any idea what might be going on? And how to fix this?

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Could you please set 1 the New Registered User level?