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[Solved] Facebook login does not work

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Vít Hofman
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I have the current version of wpForo and I found that the Facebook login is not working.
Everything seems ok, but login won't happen.
Only [object Object] appears below the login form.

I went through everything in meta for developers and I don't see a problem, the app is active, complete. The current api and secreat key are in the wpForo settings.

Have you encountered this problem? Any advice? Thank you.


My login page

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I'm sorry, but there is no any advice here, it's almost impossible to debug, it could be conflicted with other plugins or JS codes.

Please use other social login plugins, almost all works with wpForo. Just let us know if the style of other plugins' login buttons are crashed on wpForo login/register pages, we can help to fix them.

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Maybe something is really wrong, since this is the second VERY SAME issue i read here (with object object error).

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I've added this in our issues list, it has low priority, that's why I suggest other social network plugins. I'll let you know once we checked it and get some news, it may take weeks.

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I also have the same problem, this is very annoying!  

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