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[Closed] Forum appears double

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Hello, Wpforo community!

I recently update my Nepali forum to version 2.0.4 which brought new layouts to the forum. But, the forum appears double if you visit the forum. I have the forum installed in Dynamico theme and I don't know what is causing it to appear double.

Please, can anyone help?

Thank you!

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Hi @timerider,

I guess wpForo shortcode is doubled in the page, press Edit Page and make sure that you have only one [wpforo] shortcode in the page content.

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Also remove this


!-- Hummingbird cache file was created in 0.15606498718262 seconds, on 06-08-22 0:16:16 -->


from wpForo. Haven't you seen the notice that NO CACHING for wpforo?

And after that Press F12 and see the errors in your browser console and fix them.


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Delete Hummingbird Cache, exclude the forum page from this cache plugin.

Also, please edit the forum page and save it. This should help too.


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Thank you @chris, @dimalifragis, and @Robert, clearing the hummingbird cache fixed the problem. 

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