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wpForo 1.x.x Forums missing

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Yesterday, I added two new child topics to my main forum. Everything looked like it updated fine. Today, my entire forum appears to be gone. I can see all of the statistics and I can see the hierarchy in the back end but it doesn't appear on the front end.

I have tried to:

1. Remove the new child topics I created yesterday.

2. Following instructions on this forum, I hit "rebuild threads" then "update forums statistic" then "delete all caches"

3. Hit clean up to see if that did anything.

None of that has worked and I'm unsure what else to try. Any help would be great.

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Hi @intsoctj,

1. Please delete all caches, then exclude the forum page from the cache plugin. Here is the instruction:

2. Go to Dashboard > Plugins admin page, deactivate wpForo and activate it back.

3. Find the forum page in the Dashboard > Forums > Settings > General Tab and click the forum ink.

BTW, the new topic you've added has nothing to do with your issue.