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wpForo 1.x.x hiding registration page from spam / sign ups

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i have a redirect from /community/?wpforo=signup to "my account" as i don't want random people signing up on our forum/website.  people someohow still figure out how to register.  how can i block their registration?  currently our users buy a membership from wordpress site that gives them access to the support forum.  but others are figuring out how to register on the just the forum page and i have to go and manually delete them.  thanks

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Hi @cad-ray-armen,

Thank you fr using wpForo and for contacting us.

Please note: user registration and account creation is a part of WordPress core. wpForo only provides a registration form. You can install and configure any WordPress antispam plugin to protect spam user registration. This is not the wpForo part, this is the WordPress part.

I'd also suggest you read this article. It also would be helpful for you: