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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Host provider marking email notifications as spam

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1&1, my hosting provider (shared wordpress), is marking all my email notifications as spam. I didn't do anthing fancy, I simply used the default WPForo announcement & have made changes per their recommendations (which made no difference). This has effectively shut down my site for 2 weeks, while their security team takes their time fixing the problem. I need to move to a new hosting provider.  Before I randomly choose a new provider, I'd like to know what providers work well with WP Foro, so that I don't make a move only to have the same problem.

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Hi @chs2019,

Here wpForo users shared their ideas about the hosting services they used. Please check it out:

Helpful article:

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Install and use Postman plugin.

And see if they still mark them as spam.

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Thanks for the tip.  They still mark it as spam.