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[Solved] How can fix URL shared from Facebook?

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How can fix URL shared from Facebook?

Hi WpForo Comminity.
Today sharing a URL from Facebook, the URL display some Pic or some error.
The URL Share from Facebook:

The Display Foro URL:

Thanks in Advance for Support
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Hi @diegopino,

Sorry for late response, lost your topic, when forum had high activity.

There is no problem with the embedding addon, just tested as your website embedded a Facebook post, and worked, well, just make sure that if you embed a Facebook post, it is public and the post is not removed.

If you have further question related to wpForo addons, please ask them at in current addons forum.

Also, if you publish a topic, and don't get answer after 3 days please, reply in your topic, so I can see that I have missed it.

I have already seen topic about the Emojis, working on it will give you answer in that topic.


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Thank you very much for your support Chis

I understand that the forum has had a lot of activity, and that's fine, I like it. 👍 

I will check in the ADD On forum support, the doubt I have:

- when I share a link from any other site it works perfect but when I post a link from Facebook it always comes up with an error.

When Shared a URL Link from facebook i hope display:
When Shared a URL Link from facebook display: a Image Error from Facebook, like thise image:

I'm going to ask in the Add On forum

Thank you very much @Chris for Support.