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wpForo 1.x.x How to add Extra Text in "post topic" or "reply" box???

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Posted by: @doktorek

I would like to add a note for the users before they can post a topic or reply. Some simple directions.  

Hi @doktorek

I looked at your attached screenshot above, and thought I'd type out  a suggestion you can try. 

Have you tried the wpForo's "Phrases" functionality?  It's awesome and highly customizable.  For your use case, maybe you can also try to edit the "Topic Title" and add your text there?   Just go to... 

1) Forum Dashboard
2) Phrases
3) On the "Front-end Phrases" Search box, type "Topic Title" 
4) Under the Phrase key, hover your mouse, so the Edit appears
5) Then on the Phrase Key, you wish to edit, in this example "Topic Title" , delete the Phrase key and just change it to "Topic Title (ideally, with maximum of 50 characters)" (as an example)
6) Then save.

You can do the same process for "Attach File" and "Topic Tags" 

Might be a workaround. (I did that for my forum to remind members to be mindful of the length of their topics) 🙂 

Good luck and God bless you!  🙂 

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