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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] How To: Add Image Insert to Forum Post

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Is there a current way to enable users to insert an image on the forum, other than upload?  I'm looking at the current options I have an do not see it on this site either.  I'm assuming no, but any other clarity please provide.

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Hi @gg-lastchance,

Thank you for using wpForo and for contacting us:

There are three ways to add images in topic/post

1. URL embed, just put ab image source URL in post content and it'll be replaced to image:

2. Attach image using post editor attachment field. It'll show a link if you want to show it as an image follow this support topic:

3. The wpForo Advanced Attachments addon. This is an advanced file attachment system for forum topics and posts. AJAX powered media uploading and displaying system with the user-specific media library. Another advantage of the add-on is Drag and Drop file uploading feature. You can check out the add-on here: