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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] How to make WpForo Url more SEO friendly?

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How we can make the Topic Urls more SEO friendly, which wordpress taxonomy we have to implement to improve that?

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Hi @ferreidea,

Please follow this support topic:

I'd also suggest you read the support topics under SEO tags:

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@alvina thanks for your answer!

I have readed the topic you send me and I understand by reading it that WPforo have by default all the fucntionalities nedded to make it more SEO friendly and no need for any plugin for make it better,im correct?


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yes, that's correct. 

Please see Alvina's answer here:

As she suggests you should create new topics in the forums. 

Also, you may introduce your forum here:

Probably your forum will be interested by other members of the wpForo community.

Try to find some SEO expert that'll help you to improve your SEO. You can also find some useful articles on Google: