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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] How to remove all followers to a forum

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Since I did not receive an answer on my original topic - how to remove one follower who subscribed to a forum topic  - how can we remove ALL followers from a forum or forum topic.  
This is an unusual situation.  We getting constant email complaints from a person who was a member and follower on one of our forums who no longer wants to receive emails.  She was a member and has been removed from being a member at her request but her emails keep being sent to her.  You cannot view the forum unless you are a member. The "unsubscribe" link in her email is not working.  How can we fix this without scrapping everything? (which sounds like overkill but she is insistent that we are spamming her).



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@denisec hi, 

This might sound silly, but how about re-creating her account using the same e-mail address (and username etc if you remember it) then going to that particular topic and using the Unsubscribe button?

There's also ways where you could look up for that e-mail address in the database and manually removing it, but this can always cause major problems if you don't know exactly what you are doing, and I would strongly advise you against it. If by any means you proceed down that route BE SURE you create a FULL backup of your entire site before doing so.


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You can truncate the wp_wpforo_subscribes table of your website database. Please read this topic:

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Now this is just weird.  To get the topic id etc I turned the RSS Feed back on. For the topic this person is following the feed is this:
But when I look at the wpod_wpforo_subscribes table - I don't see that topic.  See screen shot of table attached.  

Since I cannot find the topic on the table, I thought well maybe it had something to do with Jetpack subscriptions.  We had turned that off a few months ago and deactivated jetpack.  When I reactivated it to see if I could see the subscription there, Jetpack is acting like its a whole new install.  Next I will investigate Jetpack in the database unless someone has some insight here.