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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] How to set up birthday announcements on forum

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How do I set up user birthdays during registration?  I then want to have it automatically posted on the home page on the day of their birthday, and also with an email generated from the forum telling the user happy birthday.  TIA!

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Hi @tangomike97,

We're really sorry but wpForo doesn't have such functionality. Currently, we have plugin customization and custom addon development services at the gVectors Team. They can assess the work and create it for you. Just contact us via sales[at] email address and send a list of requirements you'd like to have.

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I would love to see this birthday built into the default system so that it is a supported function and works. I paid to have a custom-built version made on my site but I have a lot of problems with it and it often is not working properly, so please put it on the list of upgrades for the future. Thank you, Jason