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[Closed] How to turn off new post in topic notification?

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I switched over to wpForo last week from bbPress. My users love the change, but they have one complaint. They do not like how they get a bell notification each time someone replies to a topic they started. They do not have an option to turn that off. Is there anything I can do on my end to stop that from happening for all users?


While I am here, I am also wondering if there is a way to globally turn off the "Mute Mentioning Emails" for all users? This defaults to on for all users and I would like to turn that off. (see attachement)


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All user can Enable/Disable Mute Mentioning Emails, for themselves.

You can also check the Forum Notifications settings, which are for all users(wpForo > Settings > Forum Notifications Tab)

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I understand that individual users can turn the Mute Mentioning emails. But I would like the default to be muted.


As for notifications... I do not want them turned off, I want them to have choices for what they are notified for. They are not liking getting notified for each reply that a topic they started.

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Hi @cotner

There is no way to do that. You can disable all User Mentioning Notifications in wpForo > Settings > Subscriptions & Mentioning admin page, but this will not allow users to enable it individually, so all mentioning notifications will be disabled.