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[Closed] Crashing

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Hi there,

I have tried 4 times to get wpForo to work but sadly enough, I couldn’t. I thougtnbecause I’m not a techie or a programmer with zero knowledge of codes that the problem was actually me. I would love to use your forum but it crashes so bad that I wouldn’t be able to access anything on the site. It crashes the entire website and my only option is to delete the plug-in from the Wordpress app on my iPhone. Any chance to let me know how I could get over this issue of crashing? Thank you.

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First, please enable WordPress debug and try to find the error messages. The word "crashes" says nothing that can help us determine your problem reason. We need error messages to help you.


The steps before update:

  1. Please deactivate current addons or update them to 3.0.0 version before updating wpForo to 2.0.x
  2. Deactivate Go2wpForo tool if you have installed and done forum migration
  3. Make sure you don’t have old forum template files in /wpforo/ folder of your current active WordPress theme directory /wp-content/themes/your-active-theme/.
  4. After the update to 2.0 Version, go to wpForo > Tools > Debug admin page, make sure there are no errors in Errors & Issues Tab
  5. Then go to Database Tables tab in the same admin page and check the database issues.
  6. After the update, please delete all caches and purge CDN if you have.
  7. Delete all caches in wpForo > Overview admin page, scroll down and find [Delete all caches] button.
  8. If you have a cache plugin, please delete its cache as well.