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wpForo 1.x.x I only can acess the top level forums

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So i installed and kind of configured the forum, got a page with the correct slug, and i can see the forum home page.

But when i start a new topic, it doesn't show.

Do i have to create a custom page for every single topic what the uers might add? Or do i miss something profanely easy?


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wpForo creats Forum page on installation with /community/ slug. And you don't need to create custom page for each topic. I think you've done something wrong.

If you create custom forum page you should know these:

1. The initial /community/ page should be deleted permanently, not just put in "trashed".

2. New page slug should be unique, and it should be put in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > "Forum Base URL" admin page.

3. The new page should contain [wpforo] shortcode.


Also please make sure you use WordPress permalinks. wpForo doesn't work with default ?p=1 URL structure. Check it in Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks admin page.