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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Integration of Slider or different Headerimages on each side

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Dear supporter,



i am using the theme education mind for creation of my own Homepage.

Their is only one Header Image, that i cant replace over slider or different Images on each side.

In the functions.php i found this related lines:

$min defined'SCRIPT_DEBUG' ) && SCRIPT_DEBUG '' '.min';
add_theme_support'custom-header'apply_filters'education_mind_custom_header_args', array(
'default-image' => get_template_directory_uri() . '/images/custom-header.jpg',
'width'         => 1920,
'height'        => 490,
'flex-height'   => true,
'header-text'   => false,
                ) ) );
// Register default custom headers.
register_default_headers( array(
'main-banner' => array(
'url'           => '%s/images/custom-header.jpg',
'thumbnail_url' => '%s/images/custom-header.jpg',
'description'   => esc_html_x'Main Banner''custom header image description''education-mind' ),
                ) );


But my first Trails for Change it to wished failed.


From SliderPlugIn i got this line for include it in the theme, but my Trails to include it to failed.



<?php echo do_shortcode('[wonderplugin_slider id=1]'); ?>
Is there any knowlede About a solution for this?
King regards